We connect Franchise brands to Ambassadors to catapult impressions & close new deals

We put eyes on your opportunity and call them to action.

Franbassadors™ are affiliates, brokers, influencers, creators, sales people & marketing gurus! Join us! It's free.

Annihilate Obscurity

Franbassador™ connects franchisors to an army of social media creators, influencers and affiliates, to share content and drive awareness of franchise opportunities.

We connect brands to influencers & creators everywhere.You sit back & work real leads.We handle tracking, credit, commission payouts, affiliate management, recruitment, creator engagement, training, onboarding, gamification & much more.

You are the expert on your brand. As you should be.Your broker commission CAN go further and should go further!Franbassador™ is here to catapult your influence, annihilate the obscurity and bring real leads interested in learning more about your brand.

Franbassador™ skyrockets your reach by giving creators direction & freedom to expose your brand to their audiences and drive awareness & interest.

Franbassador™ is your "Franchise Ambassador" to unmatched social reach.


Affiliate tracking links last for years & provide you with the data needed to allocate credit & track campaign effectiveness.


Repurposing & amplifying the highest performing influencer content is how you make the greatest use of ad spend. Period. You'll receive the content already performing to then boost with paid ad spend, knowing it is already "tested" for its efficacy.

Influencer Management

Discovery, Recruiting, onboarding, tracking, payment, community building, Identify Top Performers & gamifying content creation.

Analytics & Reporting

Identify Top Performers, leverage well performing content, track ROI and Earned Media Value.We have over 30 MILLION influencers in our database. We'll find a match that suits your demographic.

Content Creation

We create a content factory for your brand. We ensure creators utilize their own effective voice while simultaneously discussing your opportunity with your brand style.

Creative Strategy

Influencer reputation is #1 on the priorities list and your affiliates must not make claims they shouldn't. We will strategize with you to build your brand story, Brand Brief & formulate a strong creative foundation.

Your Dollars Mean More

As a franchise brand, quality leads are hard and expensive to come by.
Franbassador™ drives MEGA awareness of the franchise opportunity so that your people can nurture & close the prospects yourselves.
Franchise expansion commissions should not only buy a closed deal, it should also create the greatest possible awareness.
Download this free Ebook discussing 10 powerful ways to increase your brand's awareness.

The Right Franbassador™

Whether its an Instagramer, LinkedInER, podcaster, YouTuber, Author, Blogger, TikToker, Marketing Guru, Franchise Broker or Consultant - our Affiliates & Creators range from Macro to Micro and are in every niche imaginable and we have over 30 Million in our database to choose from.

Is your brand a good fit?

Influencers create massive awareness of your brand and drive leads to you.You need kick butt sales systems in place to ensure the influencer continues talking about you (we can help you with this).Franbassadors will send prospects to your website....
what will the prospect receive when they're there? (we can help you with this)

Minimum Criteria required to qualify as a Franbassador brand

  • CRM

  • Print or PDF content

  • Lead nurturing capability

  • Clearly outlined due diligence & discovery process

  • Total transparency with a strong Item 19 or equivalent validation (no 19 is okay with validation)


Creators that have authentic affinity for your brand, anywhere in the world and with any size following.

Brand Brief

Proper messaging is vital with franchising. Franbassador.com is owned by a Franchisor so we understand the intricacies of franchise marketing.Our franchise sales experienced team will build out a Creative Brand Brief so that you can rest assured that they know what to say and what NOT to say.

Got questions? Let's chat!

Franchise Marketing for Zors by Zors.We're not just another firm promising "qualified" leads.We're promising mega awareness & leads that want to know more.

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